EME 230 N - EME 270 N



Also with this gluing machine, the label which is to be glued is inserted under the shaft positioned in front of the gluing cylinder. As it turns continuously, this cylinder draws and glues the label at the same time. The label is delivered to the operator ready for application. A special device for the micrometric regulation of the glue, also ensures maximum label cleanliness and perfect gluing of the label. The machine is built in steel, aluminium and brass. All the parts in contact with the glue slot together and are easily disassembled without tools, making cleaning operations simpler and quicker.
Its wider version, called EME 270N has the same features and it is made with a more powerful motor.


EME 230
Useful width: mm. 230
Dimensions: mm. 270x300x190
Weight: Kg. 8,000
Electrical connection 220 v, 50 Hz
(upon request 110 v 60 Hz)
Power consumption:60 W


EME 270 N
This machine is the widest of the series and offer the same features.
Useful width: mm. 270
Dimensions: mm. 310x300x190
Weight: Kg. 10,000


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