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Better Packages' Company produce water-activated tape dispensers since 1917, essentially creating the water-activated tape market; their water-activated tape dispenser worldwide market share exceeds 75%. We are proud to distribute Better Package's products in our country through the partnership with HADE H.Dornseifer KG.

There are different models of water -activated tape dispensers:

  • manual ( Pinwal and Nyperba);
  • semi-automatic (Matic 80 plus)
  • electronic (BP 555; Bp 754 and Bp 755)

Why you could use gummed paper for your packaging?

Gummed paper secures your shipments so that they cannot be tampered with in transit. It works by actually SEALING the cardboard for an unlimited duration and it is an environment-friendly solution. Indeed, the gummed paper is derived 100% from renewable sources and it is recyclable along with the box.

Consider the size of your box and measure how many metres of adhesive tape you currently use to seal it: when using gummed paper, one strip on the top and one on the bottom are sufficient to seal it. You can quickly compare what it costs you to close a box with the two methods and how much time and material you can save by sealing it with gummed paper.

With gummed paper, you only need to apply a single central strip and the box is completely sealed. With traditional adhesive tape, two strips are often applied, even one on top of the other, and they are often crossed over to ensure that the box "holds". This uses a lot of tape and is wasteful. Boxes sealed with adhesive tape can easily be opened without leaving a trace: for example, by heating the tape or cutting it and covering the cut with transparent tape.

None of this is possible with gummed paper, because it becomes one with the box itself and it is immediately clear if it has been tampered with. Furthermore, using reinforced paper there is no need for any other reinforcements, such as staples, strapping, shrink film and so on.



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